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DIC Entertainment has their own site!

On their site is a page about Mummies Alive which has the full video of the leader to the show that includes the theme song!

But Buena Vista Home Entertainment now owns the distribution rights.
You have to bug them if you want more episodes released.

Got MA Fan Fiction?
Want to see Fan Fiction?

Check out the great Mummies Alive Section
at FanFiction.net

Most Recent MA DVD: "Mummies Alive! - The Beginning..."
Released Sept 23, 2003

This DVD was released by UAV Entertainment Corporation.
Contains the first four episodes.
Was available most major retailers including Wal*Mart.
It retailed for around $9.99 US.

Here's the Latest Info On It

Some Mummies Alive stuff is available at Amazon:
Click Here to search at Amazon.com (USA) Click Here to search at Amazon.ca (Canada) Click Here to search at Amazon.co.uk (U.K.)

Mummies Alive Had a Great Fanzine:
The Phoenix Gate
12 Issues Were Produced
from October 1998 to October 2001

Here is the Most Recent Issue
All issues are listed on the SOMA Links Page
Only the last three are still available online.
Be Sure to Visit Them. They are superb!

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Our goal is to publicize the show on the Web
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The Mummies Alive City Key Winner
was an award that was established by Smilie :)

Awarded for our great demonstration of leadership in starting SOMA


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