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The Characters

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Members of the Family

The Addams Family
Clockwise from left: Mama, Lurch, Gomez,
Thing (on Fester's shoulder), Fester,
Pugsley, Morticia, and Wednesday

Gomez Addams - the head of the household, as long as its okay with Morticia. Independently wealthy allowing him to spend his time enjoying all sorts of activities with his family. Loves sword fighting, blowing up his trains, and all forms of competition. Amazingly athletic and would easily win any gymnastics competition if he entered. Has 20-20 vision and nerves of steel. Loves a good cigar and is famous for his toasts. Fantabulously in love with his wife Morticia and cannot resist kissing her up the arm upon hearing a single word of French. Can turn very jealous when others make a move on Morticia (1.19 and 1.29). Gomez would do anything for Morticia: "Walk on fiery coals; run into oncoming traffic. Even appear on the Jerry Springer show." (1.27) Gomez always honors his promises (1.24). Gomez never lies ... unless he has a really good reason or feels like it (1.42). When Gomez was 10, he proposed to everyone. Then he turned 11 and game up romance and devoted the next year to Medicine. (1.24) Gomez has the heart of a 20 year old track star. Mama performed the surgery herself (1.27). Gomez does not know how to drive (1.64). He is allergic to Hyenas (1.15). His one irrational unexplainable morbid phobia is wearing clown shoes (1.65).

Morticia Addams - Gomez' beautiful wife. Especially enjoys any sort of activity with Gomez, and almost always beats him at whatever they do. Seems to have a real knack for some things - such as interior decorating, painting, and playwriting, but can be totally a flop at others - such as sculpting and coming up with an initial idea. Requires a smoke now and then - no cigarettes necessary. She has tried to quit, and says she will once she gets her cough back. (1.06, 1.10, 1.32). Morticia plays the harp (1.10). She has a fear of heights (1.15). Favorite color is black.

Gomez and Morticia - have been married for 13 years. A prearranged marriage between Gomez and Morticia's sister Ophelia was set up. Morticia was to be the maid of honor and was to marry Gomez' cousin Vlad Addams soon after. For Gomez and Morticia, it was love at first sight. Gomez narrowly escaped marrying Ophelia and happily wed Morticia instead. (1.15, 1.16) M:"Oh darling, do you remember the emotional roller coaster, the raging hormones, the constant heartache of our first love?" G:"Yes. Too bad we can't relive that agony." (1.53). They recall their first Friday the Thirteenth together - G:"You prepared dinner for me at your parents castle. They were out attending that execution." M:"I was trembling with anticipation." G:"As was I." M:"We took a walk down by the abyss." G:"I held your hand. You remember, darling." M:"Yes, darling, I remember." G:"I was so nervous. My hands were so warm and dry." (1.10) They took their honeymoon in Death Valley (1.02). Gomez and Morticia recall: G:"Remember how I carried you over the threshold that first time." M:"Not just over the threshold. Into the living room, up the stairs and into our bedroom." G:"And out the window and into the cemetery." M:"I was unconscious" G:"Covered in dirt and decay. Oh 'Tish, let's go to the cemetery and resurrect that magical moment." (1.07). For their second wedding anniversary, they went to the Congo jungle. (1.32)

Wednesday Addams - 12 year old daughter of Gomez and Morticia. Respects her parents and follows their example very closely. She resembles Morticia when Morticia was young. She is described to the police as: "Wears her hair in long dark braids, has the most innocent face, and likes to carry a scalpel" (1.09). Enjoys being with her brother and especially enjoys attempts to torture him and hear him scream. Tries to appear emotionless, but from time-to-time will lose herself before regaining her composure. Gomez relates: "Wednesday never lies. She may break windows, set fires and steal stop signs. But lie - never!" (1.11) Wednesday is allergic to ringworm (1.09).

Pugsley Addams - younger 9-year old brother of Wednesday. More than anyone else in the family, Pugsley sometimes acts almost normal - to the dismay of the family who get very worried about him. His famous scream is a staple of the show. Pugsley loves animals of all types. He is very good at checkers (1.49). The first word Pugsley ever said was in his cradle just before Wednesday opened the staircase trap door under him. The word was "Help!" (1.51) His earliest childhood memory is "mother wrapping me in blankets and tucking me into my cocoon and hanging me on the wall to keep me from crawling out of my cage and eating all the paint chips." (1.03) His favorite possession is his tiger head clock (1.22). Pugsley is 4'11" tall (1.52).

Fester Addams - is Gomez' unmarried younger brother. Loves bombs, explosives, grenades, and explosions in general. Runs on electrical current and can power electrical devices himself. Likes to power up in his electric chair. Has quite a keen scientific mind and is good at inventing things (1.49). Fester doesn't have any friends ... that are alive (1.52). He is very concerned about his looks and weight but he doesn't have the self-control to go on a crash diet (1.23). Fester is always after the "imperfect" woman and he knows a lot about relationships because he dates so many women (1.53). He prefers to sleep in the buff (1.21) Fester's shadow has been afraid of him ever since the first explosion he caused in the Addams home as a boy (1.51). Fester can be quite selfish with his things. "The only thing Fester likes to give is blood" (1.22). Fester went to three universities - the first was MIT, but he got expelled for an explosion he set off (1.15). Fester is 5' 7" tall (1.44). He has no pulse, no blood pressure, his heart has either no beat or a Rumba beat and his temperature is -3 when he's healthy - as healthy as a corpse. When he's ill, his heart has a Swing beat and his temperature is 1 degree (1.29 and 1.32). He has a cast iron stomach and a plate in his head (1.17). Fester is a Leo (1.59). He can play an accordion (1.40), but he is tone deaf (1.54). Fester has a thing for Cathy Lee Gifford (1.19). Try to count the number of times Fester says "Sorry".

Eudora Addams - Gomez and Fester's Mama. She's a witch with a licence from the Department of Witchcraft and is also a doctor (witch doctor?). Her spells are a bit rusty and often don't work. But she tries really hard and cooks up great meals for the family. Wednesday and Pugsley call her "Grandmama". Eudora loves soap operas, especially "The Old and The Pulseless" (1.57). Eudora's Husband, presumably deceased, didn't start growing hair until he was at least 55 years old (1.14). Eudora has genuine lead fillings in her teeth (1.25). She can, or at least used to be able to fly a broom (1.47)

Lurch - the devoted family butler. The 8 foot tall serious deep-voiced Lurch puts the family ahead of himself and is often very insecure. Does all the household chores except for the cooking. He is color blind, which is why he does the driving (1.07). Lurch is a bit of a snob on who he lets in - a holdover from his days as a bouncer (1.09). Lurch enjoys and is very good at Poker. He used to work Vegas, and can show off his card shuffling talents (1.31) . Extremely strong. Very musical and unbelievably talented on the piano (1.54), organ, violin, flute, and mandolin but can't dance. Speaks succinctly with famous phrases such as "You Rang", "Follow Me", "Mail's In", "Yes, Mrs. Addams", and "Ugh". Considered as one of the family. Likes the ladies, but is by his own admittance too shy (1.47). The family often try to get Lurch to break out of his shell, but Lurch says: "Like shell. Shell good" (1.39). Lurch seems to have been "created", since his mold was accidentally broken when they made him (1.39). He was "dug up", but Morticia could not remember which cemetery it was (1.04) and most of Lurch's parts are obsolete (1.57). But he also had a mother who had a secret recipe for Baby Bat Pops (1.04). Lurch does not have a pulse (1.10). He tried to smile once and his face broke. When that happens he's not allowed any facial expressions for three weeks (1.30).

Thing - Thing T. Thing - a disembodied hand that lives with the family and helps around the house. He is 5 inches tall; 12 when he stands on his wrist (1.14). Talks through sign language and drinks through his fingers. An excellent arm-wrestler. The middle "T" in his name stands for "Thing". Thing is not unique, as there are at least several others of his kind Lady Fingers and Mrs. Scratch (1.36). His kind may have been around for quite some time (for example: Pinky 1.63). Thing is a right hand. He looks a lot like his father, but he does have his mother's thumb (1.14). Thing does not smoke (1.06) but he sometimes drinks too much (1.17). He has his own little room, complete with a little bed (1.14) and has a little box and small little entrance of his own in the door (1.36).

Family Pets

Kitty - is a lioness who we get glimpses of in a few episodes (1.07, 1.17 and 1.18). The family sometimes calls her "Kitty cat". There is a "Beware of Kitty" notice down by the front door mat (1.11) (1.14). Kitty has red eyes that glow in the dark (1.30). Kitty scares away many visitors, such as the electrician (1.32). But Kitty is afraid of cat burglars for obvious reasons (1.31). Vets are hard to find. Kitty ate the last one in town (1.55). Kitty likes 50 pounds of raw wart hog as a bedtime snack(1.59).

Fang - Pugsley's Pet Jaguar. Pugsley wanted a Grizzly Bear, but they have to be walked all the time. Fang gets cranky on an empty stomach when Pugsley forgets to feed him. Fang appears only once in the series (1.07).

Pugsley's Octopus (1.07) and (1.40)

The live mounted warthog head on the wall is named Snuffles (1.55)

Others - Look for the family's pirana, vampire bats, alligators, killer bees, and carnivorous plants in many of the shows.

Important Relatives

Grandpapa Addams - Gomez and Fester's Grandfather (Mama's father-in-law). He and Gomez act almost alike. Played by John Astin (who played Gomez in the original Addams Family). Grandpapa has bursitis(1.21). Grandpapa has been very lonely since Grandmama Delilah passed away. Grandmama died while roller blading with her headphones on and didn't hear that Mack truck. Grandpapa visits Delilah's marble crypt every day which he keeps in his basement (1.21). Grandpapa remarried to Diandra who he met at the Narcoma Nursing Home. He took one look at her and sparks flew. She was holding a blowtorch. (1.21) Grandpapa is usually available to help watch the children. (1.40)

Cousin Itt - is a short hairy ball of hair that looks like a walking haystack with glasses. Itt has not cut his hair in 20 years (1.12). He is described by Morticia as "hair down to here; hat"(1.30). Itt has to be careful when he dries off or he might shrink (1.16). The slightest hint that he might be losing his hair will cause him great anguish (1.49). Itt speaks in high-pitched gibberish that only the Addamses and selected others can understand (1.20). He can often give good advice (1.24 and 1.48). He is a real ladies haystack and somehow manages to attract the women. He drives a cute Ittmobile that looks like it may be the BMW Isetta from the 1950's. Gomez and Morticia ride in the Ittmobile in (1.53). Itt had a summertime romance with Morticia's sister Ophelia. They never did marry, as Itt just is too much of a playboy. (1.16) Cousin Odd - is seen next to Cousin Itt in a family scrapbook. (1.07)

Cousin Vlad Addams - Playboy 1st cousin to Gomez and Fester. He was one of the Addams' finest: loathsome, sadistic, duplicitous, insidious, and a real ladies man. Vlad was an expert marksman. As a child he had a summer job as an executioner. Also called "Mr. love 'em and leave 'em. People magazine's shiftiest man alive." He and Morticia were quite an item, and he and Gomez fought for Morticia's love, until Vlad choked on a toothpick and died. That was 13 years ago and he was buried in the Addams graveyard. His funeral immediately preceded Gomez and Morticia's wedding ceremony. Wednesday resurrected Vlad and subsequently returned him to the dead (1.01, 1.16)..

Ophelia Frump - Morticia's uncreepy and happy sister. She is sweet, muscular, an angel and a doll. She has a black belt in judo, was student body president, head of the glee club, and class caterer - a "real joiner". She almost married Gomez in an arranged marriage until she fell for cousin Itt and left Gomez at the altar. Ophelia and Itt never married. It was just a summertime romance. (1.15, 1.16)

Griselda Frump - Morticia and Ophelia's mom. Very loud, has a scary laugh and scarier clothes. Has a much greater affection for Ophelia than for Morticia. (1.15, 1.16)

Cousin Melancholia - Always sad, crying cousin of Morticia. "Her mournful face, her plaintiff wail, her teary outbursts - She's such a joy to have around the house". Melancholia's fiancee Fred had left her, but they got together again. (1.08). Melancholias next romance looked more promising. She was engaged to Digby Henson, the second richest man in the world. This one almost succeeded. (1.26)

Cousin Catastrophia - Melancholia's look-alike sister. Her name describes her perfectly. She has a tough time holding down a job, especially like the one she had in the china shop. She's always wanted to be an Opera singer, but has a very destructive voice. (1.48)

Cousin Pretensia - Morticia's somewhat difficult cousin. She gives professional cheapskates a bad name, and mooches off all her family members while stealing small items from them. The family thought she lost all her money when her husband Lord Wick ran through it all before he was mauled to death by a pack of Hyenas. But in fact, they found that she was worth $150,000,000, but remains a freeloader because that is how she got so rich in the first place. Later she married an Earl Windsor and married him before she realized Earl wasn't a title but just a name (1.36).

Cousin Fern - the family plant doctor, and part-plant. The family hadn't seen her since last fall when her leaves were turning. (1.55)

Uncle Jester - Mama's deceased brother who was the King of Practical Jokes. He did it all: "Blackouts, stock market crashes, that whole Titanic iceberg thing". After getting resurrected by Mama, he adds to his list, topping it off by defacing Mt. Rushmore with four enormous cream pies. Favorite line: "It's a Classic". (1.56)

Long John Addams and Lady Penelope were the great-great-great-great-great-grandparents of Gomez. They were pirates and secured the family fortune. There is a picture of Long John in the house. Long John's brother was Curly Addams. (1.63)

The McAddams Family - these Hillbilly cousins of the Addams (who come for a visit 1.58) have had a feud with the Addamses for generations. No one remembers what the feud was about. The McAddams are made up of cousin Pa, cousin Ma, Peewee (she's 8) and Geezer.

Ramon, Petrescence, Monday and Pedley Jones - are cousins of the Addamses. Ramon is intensely competitive, like Gomez. Petrescence, Monday, and Pedley are very much like Morticia, Wednesday, and Pugsley. (1.64)

Lesser Relatives

Cousin Eeemar who has 3 arms and one blue eye. Morticia was knitting a sweater for Cousin Eeemar. (1.02)

Morticia wishes that Grandpa Squid and Aunt Vendetta were alive. Gomez responds that they are. Morticia replies that they don't look it and that she'll check the next time she's in the attic. (1.05)

Uncle Remis was buried in the Snake Pit. He always managed to get child discount fares - even in his forties. Wednesday and Pugsley reassembled him for a science project. (1.05)

It is the leg of Cousin Faruk that is sticking out of the Shark on the wall of the Addamses house in one episode (Note: what sticks out of the shark's mouth changes each episode). "If cousin Faruk could talk, he'd give you a mouthful" says Gomez (1.06)

The Nisbett branch of Gomez' family were upstanding members of society. A picture of them (no heads on the bodies) was painted just after they started the revolution. Such a handsome bunch. (1.07)

Good old Uncle Slackzel, still breathing after all these years, in one of the coffins in the cemetery. (1.07)

Great Grandpa Sludge had only four toes according to Mama but six toes (like the rest of this side of the family) according to Fester. They did him up to prove the point, and they are both surprised to find he has eight toes. (1.07)

Aunt Flemish - Morticia thought the picture of her in the family album was of the old Addams barn. (1.07)

Grandpa Slurp - Buck tooth in one head and the receding hairline in the other. He was a handsome devil. (1.07)

A whole line of deviants that the Addamses didn't know existed was discovered by Professor Sims, the genealogist. There wasn't a white sheep in the bunch. (1.07)

Great Uncle Matthews - the accountant. The family had agreed never to mention him again. (1.07)

Cousin Tracheal can smoke through her neck (1.08)

Grandpa Skank - Fester has to give Grandpa Skank his medication, but cannot remember where he buried him. (1.09)

Great Uncle Le-Duke has a talent in choosing the proper crayon to use in postcards. (1.10)

It isn't good to stay confined in your room ... unless your (Morticia's) Aunt Hatchet and the state orders it. (1.14)

There is a picture of cousins Otis and Redding - siamese twins - on the wall of the Addamses house. Otis always wanted to work on his tan but Redding never wanted to go outside unless it was raining. (1.15)

Mama's Mooma (mama) always said: if any of her kids got too big for their brooms, she'd run them out of town.

Cousin Winkle often gets out of his grave and sleepwalks. Cousin Winkle's given names are most likely "Rip Van". (1.21)

In addition to the family cemetery in the back yard, the family also has urns containing the remains of expired relatives. The last time an urn was knocked over, Morticia was sweeping up Cousin Flem for weeks. (1.23)

Uncle Ripper was a magician. Wednesday find's his old magician kit in 1.23.

Cousin Hector always did have a good (shrunken) head for sports (1.24)

One-eyed Aunt Grism always did like to keep an eye on the Christmas festivities. (1.28)

Great Aunt Chichi left the family her priceless furniture. (1.33)

Dear old Arturo who never could get that (iron) mask off. (1.34)

Cousin Pretensia took some clothes from Aunt Elke during her stay there (1.36)

Fester faxed Cousin Pretensia's bank statement to all her relatives, including Uncle Gump (1.36)

Cousin Anorexia is one of the skeletons in the family's closet (1.37)

Cousin Centipede, the great master, taught Gomez how to sword fight. (1.38)

Hurricane Zorba produced a wind stronger than anything since Cousin Flatulance last came for a visit. (1.40)

Great Aunt Geeth probably won't mind their using her tombstone for a scratching post for Wednesday's cat (1.41)

Some of the family who are in the Family photo album include: Old Lefty Addams, who is only half the man he used to be. He was never right. Cousin Pretzel, who they still can't believe had tied the knot. And Uncle Pyro (1902) who will forever burn in their hearts. (1.43)

Pugsley the monkey very much resembled Great Uncle Link. How long has he been missing? (1.43)

Blood and Guts Addams really knew the art of warfare. Most of the wars were started by the Addams ancestors. (1.45)

Mad Addams, the Earl of Vice is buried in the family graveyard. Mama tries to summon him, but does not succeed (1.47)

Dear old Uncle Lobotomy holds the record for balancing the most place settings on one's person. (1.51)

Great Uncle Winston Addams was quoted by Gomez for inspiration to save the house. (1.51)

If you see a ghost in the Addams house, it's probably Aunt Minerva (1.52)

Cousin Mojo Addams was a not-so-professional escape artist whose unsuccessful last escape left him at the bottom of the River of Doom. Gomez was successful at beating all of Mojo's escape times. (1.54)

Great Aunt Esther was the first witch in the family. In Aunt Esther's old diary was written: "Monday June 2nd 1692. They've discovered I'm a witch and plan to prove it, by tossing me into the lake." This surprised Morticia, who thought Aunt Esther was burned at the stake. (1.56)

Aunt Hill (We have no desire to comment on her, lest we get infested - 1.56)

Some records were obtained from Great Uncle D.J. who was always the life of the party. (1.59)

Uncle Spector - a real ghost - tells some bone-chilling ghost stories to the family around while camping out (1.61)

John Addams or John Quincy Addams - No relation, but people often assume that. Its a great source of embarrassment to the Addamses. (1.07)

"Third child" Addams? - Wednesday had said: "There were three of us, but Pugsley ate the little one." This could be a reference to Pubert, in the movie "Addams Family Values". At the hospital, right after Pubert's birth, it was asked: "Is it a boy or a girl?" Gomez hesitates for a second, and then says "It's an Addams!" (this tip from an Anonymous reader, August 2005) (1.02)

The Family Tradition

"Danger is what makes an Addams an Addams" (1.27)

Arranged marriages are an Addams Family tradition. There hasn't been a divorce in generations (although there have been some untimely deaths). (1.15)

All of the Addams clan are extremely wealthy. Their ancestors, the pirates Long John Addams and Lady Penelope gathered so much treasure, that no Addams would ever have to work again. (1.63) This was true for over 300 years until Cousin Itt went out to get a job after squandering his fortune at the roulette table. (1.12)

Feuds are an Addams Family tradition, as is the Feud between the Addamses and the McAddamses. (1.58)

The Addams Family is also proud of their inherited stubbornness and sense of fair play (1.31).

The Addams Family Mansion was built by Great Great Great Grandpapa Addams. For more on the Mansion, see House For Sale. He always said "Why use wood when titanium costs 3 times as much and is completely impractical." (1.51)

Grandpapa Addams had buried a time capsule in the cemetery 50 years ago. The family digs it up and it contains a golden brick, a bunch of jewels, an anvil, a shrunken head grandpapa found while vacationing and a blast from the past. (1.55)


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